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Our inspiration

Our inspiration

GLAS is deleivered to family enterprises through FIB with the aim of inspiring, impacting and supporting those in and around the business. We want to make a difference to lives so that you make a difference in business.

Our Journey

It all began in 1903 when Dani Saveker‘s great grandfather founded their family business, T Saveker & Sons. Being the first female family member to join the manufacturing business in 1995 she experienced first hand the highs and lows of being part of a family in business.

During her time within the business she restructured, learnt to weld and electroplate, designed products for high street retailers, was finalist in numerous business awards, made her uncle redundant, celebrated the firms 100th birthday, completed an MBO, acquired 2 businesses, managed multiple sites, recovered from a major chemical fire and ultimately closed the doors after 106 years. born out of the frustration Dani felt about the lack of understanding and support around issues affecting families working in businesses together.

After running her family’s business, that produced metalwork and shopfittings, she knew that she wanted to make a difference. She didn’t want people to feel  isolated and alone as she had done. Equally, there was a desire to improve the understanding of family and owner-managed dynamics within the professions that led her to the creation of the FIB community and network.

No support was available to her or any of her family over the course of four generations. Advisers lacked a true understanding and business coaches equally failed to truly "get it" because they hadn't lived through the challenges unique to family businesses.

In 2011 Dani, having realised she'd spent time helping and working with many family businesses and individuals for many years she felt it was about time to create what she knew was lacking and much needed. The journey began - with her gathering research, developing the FIB approach and structure and finally in 2012, launching Families in Business.

A go to place was born and it was built on strong guiding values and a belief that neutral support and understanding should be available to family owned SMEs as well as larger organisations. Through membership, unique consultancy and peer groups FIB now provides exactly what the Saveker's family needed - which is no different from the millions of family businesses that exist across the UK and worldwide.  

Dani also believed very strongly that professional advisers should improve their approach and understanding so that the needs of family-owned and managed businesses can be best catered for, in fact we feel that outstanding advisers have never been more necessary hence the development of the FIB network and Approved Advisers. 

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