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 With the current challenges and future focus for family businesses primarily being associated with communication we wanted to find a way to help you and your family business move forwards. 

As such we have partnered with the Shirlaws Group to give you and a member of your team/family complimentary access to an online tool to explore your communication profile.

All you need to do is complete the form below so that you can be sent your two tokens and link to the TFK indicator

Building better relationships 

Effective communication underpins business success – and even more so in family businesses. 

We all know how it feels when you immediately connect with someone…it’s just easy to get on with them.  Well imagine if you could do that with everyone you interact with.

The Think Feel Know indicator is a business tool designed specifically to help you understand your natural communication style and how to really be heard by your business partners, management team and family members.

When you take the indicator you receive a personalised Think Feel Know report that shows you how you naturally prefer to communicate, and reveals how others actually hear you. 

By understanding your natural preferences you can become a much more effective communicator:

  °  Improve your relationships with family and friends, motivate your staff, connect with your children and proactively resolve differences. 

  °  Gain the knowledge and skills to understand whatother people are really saying and be able torespond to them effectively. 

  °   Learn which communication style to use in differentsituations to be heard and understood, and how to deliver a message that will connect  with your audience.

FIB have partnered with international business coaching firm Shirlaws to provide two Think Feel Know indicators (which usually cost £94) for FIB network.  




Enter your details below and we will send you and a colleague/family member a promotion code to take the Think Feel Know indicator and access your personalised report.  

We take your privacy very seriously and your details will never be shared with third parties unless requested by you.
Terms: the offer extends to a maximum of two complimentary TFK credits per company.

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