Alistair Wesson - Mazars LLP
Alistair Wesson - Mazars LLP
FIB Ambassador


Why is the family business sector important to you as an adviser?
Family businesses are a vital component of UK Plc and an integral element of my personal client base . Their health and prosperity is therefore critically important.

What opportunities do you feel focusing on family businesses gives you and your firm?
We view a ‘’client’’ as a business and its owners . A family business takes this to another level and facilitates complete and rounded , commercial focussed pragmatic advice to be delivered with discernible benefits.

Why do you have such a particular interest in working with family businesses ?
I have always worked closely with family businesses – they are interesting to deal with , challenging and rewarding and also of massive importance to the economy.

What value does being part of FIB bring to you, your firm, your clients?
FIB provides the focus for family businesses and advisers to discuss things in a sensible and non-sales-ey environment . It is a great networking opportunity which allows the transference of knowledge and experience .

Why did you feel it important to become part of FIB?
As above

Can you share your favourite or standout story of working with a family business?
Working across 5 years with a Father and Son to enable the former to exit the main trader and pursue other and complimentary business interests whilst assisting the son take the reigns at that main trader . The trading base was preserved , the family relationship – which was strained – was restored and all the relevant businesses prosper still.

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