Richard Watkins - Close Bros A M
Richard Watkins - Close Bros A M
FIB Ambassador


Phone: 0117 917 0715

FIB have excellent support and tools that really adds value to what I do.
Why is the family business sector important to you as an adviser?
Because there are so few advisers who truly understand what family business owners want from an adviser. This came to me when I was acting for my own family’s business. Too little time and effort is given to understanding that family businesses are different and require understanding and insight if you are to be a trusted adviser. This is no mean feat as you require a wide range of well-developed skills. It therefore made sense to me to combine my knowledge of business and family businesses with my work as a certified financial planner and specialise in advising family businesses.  It is engaging, fulfilling, rewarding & challenging!

What opportunities do you feel focusing on family businesses gives you and your firm?
I believe that if we can show an expertise in the family business sector as competent, trustworthy and reliable advisers then  families will have confidence in appointing us. Done properly this can lead to long term, profitable revenue generation.
Why do you have such a particular interest in working with family businesses ?
It’s in my blood! I love helping people fulfil their dreams. I’ve run my own business and there’s nothing like it when it comes to fruition.

What value does being part of FIB bring to you, your firm, your clients?
You need a team of people who you can work with and who complement you and you complement them. FIB are an ideal team mate in that respect. I love the peer group interaction and the ability to draw on peer group members to help or contribute to a particular project or develop a project.
Why did you feel it important to become part of FIB?
To be part of a team that is dedicated to the same ideal and standard and cause. FIB have excellent support and tools that really adds value to what I do.
Can you share your favourite or standout story of working with a family business?I am helping a family business move from a mum & dad venture into a real business. Helping them address all the issues (cash flow, margins, break even, marketing, articles of association, business plan, Wills, long term wealth creation and retention, setting goals, measuring success,) as well as their shared and individual dreams is so fulfilling particularly when they appreciate what you do and know you do it for them.
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