Next generation

Email: office@fibcommunity.com

Phone: 0121 66 30 70 5

Job title: Wall of Hearts Manager 


How long have you been around family businesses?
All my life (8 years so far).

My mum ran her family's business when I was born and so my first months were spent under her desk. If I wasn't there then I would be with my Daddy at his company - my uncle and auntie both worked there which meant he also had a family business. I guess you could say I was surrounded by family businesses.

Both of my big brothers, Ben and Max, also spent time under Mummy's desk when they were born and used to have their nappies changed on her desk - she couldn't have maternity leave because she had to run the business. Ben and Max are much taller than Mum now and those stories really embarrass them.

My dad works in someone else's family business now as Head of Operations and my Grandpa runs his own small family business too!

What's your advice for family businesses?
Try not to fall out. Spending good quality time together is important and you should make the most of it.

What's your involvement with family businesses now?
I help Mummy by entering information on the computer. I have been to a number of meetings with her as well as with my dad so I'm used to hearing "business talk"!

What do you think makes family businesses special?
Working together, spending time together as a team and family and all helping each other. 

Do you think that always happens?
Not always but when you can get it right family businesses are amazing things to be part of

When you're fully grown, would you like to be part of a family business?
Yes, I'd love to follow in my mum and dad's footsteps! Perhaps one day I'll be running FIB!