Adam Harris
Adam Harris
FIB Ambassador


Phone: 07779 71 43 87

Adam grew up as part of a manufacturing based family business and experienced first hand the good times as well as the demise of his family’s business due to the recession of the early 90′s. These events created a lasting impression as he witnessed the impact that it had on the whole family.

Adam continues to have an involvement in two family businesses as well as having advised, coached and held board positions for a number of other family businesses.

With a relaxed yet direct approach Adam builds an important rapport and empathy quickly with those he works with. He understands the importance of emotional intelligence and the need of focusing on the ‘why’.

The East Midlands has a strong heritage of family businesses.  Adam is proud to play a key role in supporting these businesses, and all those working with them, to help achieve success into the future.

Adam was also the IoD Young Director of the year 2008 and one of Insider Media’s ‘42 Under 42’ in 2009.

Favorite quote: 

“Every day’s a school day”.