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Workbook with practical tools for family and owner-managed businesses

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29 January 2015

Workbook with practical tools for family and owner-managed businesses

Families in Business (FIB) has published it's first workbook which includes a practical suite of tools for family and owner managed businesses. The workbook will be sent out to existing family business members of FIB, as well as adviser members,  to help support them with some of the challenges that they face - individually, as a family, and as a business. Based on a tremendous amount of research over many years, FIB has developed a unique and creative approach to helping provide support, development and implementation to the businesses they work with. The Take Action book can also be used by professional advisers looking to provide a more in depth and dynamic service to their clients.

FIB founder and CEO, Dani Saveker, said: "I'm so pleased that we have released this practical suite of tools for family businesses - I know from first hand experience that family businesses often require a different approach that can work round fears, emotions, needs and wants. The Take Action workbook allows individuals and teams to do just that - start taking positive steps forwards, explore where they are now and where they're heading. Being able to confidently align without being judged or feeling that they are right or wrong, is essential.

"The workbook can easily be used by those in family and owner managed businesses, as guidance notes are included, and each tool does not require too much time - equally we feel that working with consultants and advisers, you can get even more out of the tools. We created this to help make sure those in and around these businesses can move forwards and achieve success, growth and happiness." The workbook is also available to buy at £20.00 per copy (plus postage and packing) for non members, advisers, as well as in quantity. Speak to the FIB team to find out more.