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What is your communication style

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15 September 2015

What is your communication style

Communication for family businesses is a major challenge, according to the Families in Business (FiB) latest survey, but family firms have the chance to explore the face of their communication to boost business and personal success as part of an exclusive partnership between FiB and international business coaching firm, Shirlaws Group.

Effective communication underpins business success – even more so in family businesses,” says Dani Saveker, CEO of FiB. “To support our community of family firms, their leaders and advisers, we have partnered with Shirlaws Group to give family businesses the rare chance to explore the face of their communication with complimentary access to a market-leading profiling tool.


“We know that open and trusted communication within a family business continues to be a significant challenge, with FiB’s 2015 survey finding that almost three-quarters (74%) see this as a real problem at the heart of their organisation.


“With the current challenges and future focus for family businesses being underpinned by issues around effective communication, we wanted to find a way to help family firms, the family working within them and the business’ management team, in a positive step to move forward from this situation.


“To this end, we have partnered with the Shirlaws Group, the global business and executive coaching and business leadership firm, to offer complimentary access to an online tool so that they can explore their communication profile. 


The Think Feel Know indicator is a business tool designed specifically to help professionals understand their natural communication style and how to really be heard by their business partners, management team and family members. Usually costing in the region of £90, the Toolkit is available free to family businesses via the FiB website: http://www.fibcommunity.com/tfk

“Whether you work in, around or with a family owned businesses, the importance of positive communication can never be underestimated and we hope this tool will assist in achieving this aim,” Dani says.

“When you take the indicator you receive a personalised Think Feel Know report that shows you how you naturally prefer to communicate, and reveals how others actually hear you.


“By understanding your natural communication preferences, you can become a more effective communicator, in a range of professional and personal situations including improving relationships with family and friends, in turn enabling motivation of staff and resolving differences. You can also gain knowledge and skills to understand what people are saying and how to respond effectively, and also learn which communication style to use in different situations for best outcomes,” she adds.


Simply follow the link and register online: http://www.fibcommunity.com/tfk


The FiB Annual Guide 2015/2016 - ‘The Future Landscape’ - includes the survey’s findings and practical advice from FiB and its advisers. FiB members receive a complimentary copy, or request the report via www.fibcommunity.com.