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The new chapter: Families in Business Ltd

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25 September 2012

The new chapter: Families in Business Ltd

This week reminded me that some people come into your life for just a few paragraphs whilst others remain for a whole chapter if not the book. I saw an old friend and she reminded me of the value of all of them.

I have begun a  new chapter and look forward to spending time with those that wish to turn the pages with me and share a desire to make a difference to families in business. Whilst recent events came from left of field at me and threw me into a state of utter turmoil, and with it immense upset, as always you can find elements to treasure and take forward while others parts teach you things to avoid in future. I am of course talking about how I was thrown into creating Families in Business Ltd.

The FIB network and community focuses on family and owner-managed businesses and those that work and support them. I didn't set out to create FIB, circumstances left me with no choice hence my reference to being 'thrown',  but despite this it was always my ambition to make a difference to people in situations I had experienced and also as my family has experienced. The world around us is changing so radically and with it comes the challenges to cope and adjust for family businesses as well as all those that work along side them. Times are changing at a such as rate and with it technology and the way we do business - for businesses and the professions. I have a very clear vision for what is needed in a community of support and how to achieve this and now, more than ever, I'm ready.

My new chapter also includes a desire to continue the legacy of many of my family's previous generations and to work with their spirit and values at heart. I welcome companions to join me and share the creation of this next chapter and many colourful pictures that we'll draw as Families in Business Ltd