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The never ending lessons we forget

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28 November 2012

The never ending lessons we forget

At about this time in 2008 our family business was put on life support. Having struggled, as many others did in the second half of the year, we secured a Bridge Fund Loan which gave us a little more time with our beloved Savekers. I found myself reflecting this morning while waiting to go to a meeting in London.

4 years on from that terrible time for our family and business and I find myself again in a situation created by past issues. Just as Peter Senge states: "The problems of today are caused by the solutions of yesterday". I firmly believe that life is built on systems and how the past, present and future all interconnect.

With those few moments to myself this morning I thought about how experiences teach us so much and that it never stops however it's amazing how easily complacency sets in and we forget these times - and in particular what you feel as you go through them. I vowed that after being confined to a wheelchair for 8 months I would always appreciate the value of walking and being able to do things such as filling the car with petrol and yet I detest it as much as ever now.

When we find ourselves in the midst of turmoil and desperation we make promises to ourselves to remember what how it felt and to take forward the lessons as we come through the other side. We want to remember to be  grateful and appreciate what we have and yet life takes over and despite the memory of it we forget the feelings. I guess it's part of human nature, and why women are able to endure giving birth more than once,  that we need to be able to move on and forget the hurt and pain of the past but the past is what gets us to today. To own where we are going we should carry some of the lessons . Certainly leave pain behind - or better still turn it into empathy for others otherwise it was all in vain.