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The Human Fallout

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10 March 2009

The Human Fallout

So today my employees were told that the company is in administration and despite a slight relief I feel as if my heart has broken just a little bit more. I felt the duty of addressing everyone before the administrators did - I did my best. All I could say was how sorry I was - from me personally and that all the efforts we'd all put in couldn't prevent this happening.
Although standing with 60 people, I was lost and alone. My Mum called me on my mobile just as everyone had been told and I couldn't hold it together anymore. Again, I needed my Mum and she said everything that was needed. People that I didn't think cared hugged me and shared in the hurt - we were all united, all scared and confused, some saying their good byes and others calling home to tell wives and husbands - others left without speaking. Emotions were running high and we comforted each other. The cold headlines that state company's are in administration never talk about the human fallout, the tears and worry. Statistics never explain the full picture. We are human and we hurt, no matter who we are. Tomorrow will be another day but for the rest of today we remain at a loss with each of us needing the comforts of home and loved ones. Tonight is for grieving. Tomorrow we rebuild.