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15 June 2009

The C Word...

Have I got your attention? If so it may be that you're thinking of the wrong 'c' word. I am actually referring to CONSULTANCY but it does seem to have the same reaction as the more commonly known 'c word'. From my own experience, CONSULTANCY is not something popular and more often than not it's not even very useful. Why would someone starting out in the business of  "consulting" say such a negative thing?

Because it's true, that's why. I've used the term to explain to people and businesses what I'm doing now but I've decided to make an effort to clear out all references to this. I don't want that label. The number of people and businesses who had hopes of getting value and support from consultants - only to be let down is quite incredible. I've been one of those businesses myself, I had a particularly bad experience with a so called 'consultant' from a University who spent weeks preparing a document that I could have written (and done a better job of it) in an hour. They attempted to tell me who my clients were, who my competitors were and how big the market sector is I operated in. My background is originally marketing, I'd worked in our industry for over 10 years and knew all my customers and competitors. This so called report was paid for by the tax payer... needless to say it went in the bin. The brief given to them was to establish new contacts to sell laser profile cutting to following a significant investment. They told my clients (existing ones!) that they represented a company that put holes in things, that was as far as these 'consultants' understood... fantastically awful and a complete waste. So what's different with what I'm doing? I come back to my belief that all business is about people. Business only ever replicates life - all of the issues that we face in life can face us in the board room, offices and factories albeit under different labels. So again, what can I offer? I don't have all the answers to your problems, personal or professional, but I have an incredible amount of diverse experience behind me, the type of experience you simply can't buy.  Add to this a desire to help other people and then what I have achieved becomes  invaluable and it can help you and your business. I can ease your life and build on your strengths - simple. As far as labelling goes, I appreciate people are more comfortable putting things into categories, so I can be known as a friend, a support, a leader, a business owner, a manufacturer, a set of ears and eyes to give another view, a woman, a mother, a confident, a telephone/email directory,  an introducer, a problem solver, a marketeer, a strategist, a sholder to cry on, a mediator, a motivator, a businesswoman, someone that has gone through loss including a business and someone that has achieved - I can keep going. For more of an idea please feel free to read my biography, read some of the PR articles or Google me. Everyone I help is unique and has their own story, their own issues and certainly their own strengths on which we can build. I don't claim to have the answers but I can help you find them... you probably know them already but just need help to find and sort them into something useful. You might just need help to find what to do with the answers once you have them. Leading businesses can be lonely - but that's where I can step in. I can prove that despite the lows of life, including business, there are opportunities and hope. I've certainly worn the T shirt of 'lows' but I've also worn the T shirt of success and happiness too. You can label me if you want, but the label I use is simply DANI. If you'd like to discuss how I can help you please drop me an email dani@danisaveker.com or call 07812 992726