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The anniversary

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17 February 2012

The anniversary

Today is my wedding anniversary.

To celebrate, back in 2009 at this exact time we went to Harrogate where we got married. We stayed at the same hotel we had stayed at on our wedding night, the historic Majestic Hotel. Having decided to get somewhat merry in the bar following what had been a difficult time for both my husband and I in our respective businesses,  Will asked me if I wanted to continue the fight to save Savekers Ltd.

After a pause for thought, I said 'no' and that I didn't have that energy anymore and it was time to let go. The relief was immense. On the Monday following I told my board of directors that it was time and called in the insolvency team. That was beginning of the process that resulted in administration on 10th March 2009 after 106 years for our family's business. Now, 3 years on we just opened a bottle of bubbly to toast our marriage and the future. It will always remind me of that evening in 2009 but this time I raise a glass to the future and working with Families in Business. The journey that has brought me to FIB has been painful at times but I know that this is the legacy left by Savekers Ltd and that it's time to use my experience to help and support all those family businesses out there. Here's to our anniversary.