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The 5 Elements: For a stronger life

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20 May 2010

The 5 Elements: For a stronger life

I've finally put one of my concepts for supporting young adults and children with careers advice and preparation for their life journey into a visual format! I now have a proof of concept to start making this idea a reality. The idea started to take form in 2009 after putting a company into administration. I hear so often "I had a good idea..." but nothing ever happens! The easy bit is the idea but the real value is in the delivery. Seeing something through is certainly made easier when you absolutely believe in it 100% What made things start to fall into place for me and this particular concept was seeing the latest book released by Gallup... "Wellbeing". Basically the book looks at 5 areas that need to be nurtured in order for us to have complete 'wellbeing'.  It's an area that fascinates me, from being a CEO of 100 employees and looking at reducing absenteeism to being frustrated by employability issues with young people. I also think that the last 12 months I have experienced have also allowed me to reflect and address a number of my own 'wellbeing' issues. Gallup's book is by Tom Rath and Jim Harter  and explores areas that we all should take care of:

- Career Wellbeing

- Social Wellbeing

- Financial Wellbeing

- Physical Wellbeing

- Community Wellbeing