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Taking a spark and making it burn brightly

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14 July 2009

Taking a spark and making it burn brightly

I've spent a bit of time reminising recently having successfully found and met up with some great friends from my first secondary school - all thanks to Facebook. It took me back a few (?!) years and I've been thinking about the path we all travel from nursery, through school, possibly on to higher education and to our career. Is it our parents power of persuasion? is it society that dictates what we should do? there seem to be so many reasons for the various doors we find, open and sometimes close. 

And then I remembered the 'Careers Advisor'! This was someone that appeared to neither have a 'career' nor be an 'advisor'. As a parent with our eldest son about to start his secondary education I find it rather alarming that this poor level of support is still exists. When I was at school there seemed to be two categories when receiving advice... a) for those showing some reasonable intelligence and b) the rest. If you fell into the A's, you were told to go and get a job in bank or at an estate agent and if you were a B then the route was factory work, shelf stacker or on a check out.

If you'd had a Saturday job then the advice was 'see if they will give you a job'. So it's not a great start to anyone's future. In speaking with my various professional colleagues and associates we've all agreed about this and so I reckon it's time to do something. I've supported young entrepreneurs and their development for a number of years - but now I realise that there's the stage before that when the spark of leadership and entrepreneurship starts to to flicker - surely our job should be to add to this so that great things can happen and the spark's can burn brightly. I've started the ball rolling so watch this space.