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Scoping study into global family and private enterprises launched

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04 May 2016

Scoping study into global family and private enterprises launched


Families in Business (FiB), the specialist division of the Shirlaws Group, which focuses on dynamics and relationships and how they impact family and privately owned enterprises, has unveiled plans for a scoping research study into enterprise, business and entrepreneurship across the globe.


For the first time, FiB’s Annual Survey, now in its fourth year, will go beyond UK territories to uncover the challenges and opportunities facing worldwide private businesses in 2016.


Last year, FiB joined the international firm Shirlaws, to become the integral family-business focused part of the global Shirlaws Group operation, which provides entrepreneurs with support across individual, family, business and legacy journeys.


Under the campaign theme ‘Beyond Business’, the 2016 Annual Survey is the first tangible project for FiB that will capitalise on its new global platform, and utilise Shirlaws’ extensive resource and international network to gather insights on the worldwide family and private business sectors.


“This year will see the Survey and the Guide that will report on its findings, provide insights into the landscape, opportunities and challenges facing businesses throughout the world this year, as we ask not just family enterprises but also the international Shirlaws community as a whole to take part and share their views and experiences,” explains Dani Saveker, CEO of FiB and Shirlaws Group Global Partner.


“FiB and Shirlaws are jointly focused on going beyond business to support the interlinked relationships between organisations, individuals, leaders, communities and family. In this way, we aim to unlock and grow businesses more effectively.


“The building blocks of a business are often misaligned, usually based around relationships issues and emotions, but we continually work towards developing and implementing a clear, highly supportive framework for all enterprises and their leaders. This year, the research findings will be vital in continuing the development and evolution of our relevant approaches and supporting products.


“2016 marks a significant new chapter for FiB’s research, and indeed that of Shirlaws, as we cast the net wider and internationally to gather an unprecedented depth of awareness and understanding in the enterprise space and importantly, test the temperature of ‘mid-market’ enterprises and the overall attitudes and health of this important element of the global business community,” comments Shirlaws Group founder Darren Shirlaw.


The FiB Annual Survey will be open to family and owner- managed enterprises and professional advisers working with them, who wish to play a vital role in improving overall understanding of the current and expected challenges and opportunities facing family and private firms in the UK and overseas.


“In other research we have already identified that top of the family business agenda in 2016 are innovation, communication and skills, whilst trust is critical for working with non-executives, senior executives and external professional advisers,” says Darren. “And these will be amongst the issues to be explored in the in-depth Annual Survey as we seek to develop an-ever deeper understanding of the global business landscape.”


As well as the survey, the research project will involve a number of confidential interviews with family and owner-managed businesses that will enable Shirlaws to take a ‘true reading and further explore’ the topics and issues faced by business and enterprise, including their views on the type and quality of support they see as being available to them, and what they believe is holding them back as a family together in business. 


The findings of the survey will be published later this year in the Global FiB Annual Guide, which will also feature advice and contributions from FiB’s Advising Partners.


The theme for the next Annual Guide will be “Beyond Business” with detailed findings due to be unveiled at FiB’s first ever National UK Summit on the 28th and 29th September 2016 at Heythrop Park in Oxfordshire.


“This rounded approach creates a practical series of helpful tips, action points and things to consider and discuss which can help and impact lives of individuals and families as well as their business and wealth,” says Dani.


FiB is the UK’s only neutral organisation run solely for family businesses, privately-owned enterprises and entrepreneurs, and which has a team of professionals that have on-the-job, first-hand experience of working in a family business. It operates across the UK and increasingly worldwide via a rapidly growing network of offices, to provide support, consultancy and membership to family firms and their owners. As part of Shirlaws Group, together they represent the go to place for the enterprise sector.


To register to take part in the Survey, contact FiB via office@fibcommunity.com.