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Reflecting and Forecasting

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28 December 2009

Reflecting and Forecasting

I'm sure many people are reflecting over the past 12 months as New Years Eve approaches. I know that I am looking back once again and taking a few moments to think about what 2009 meant to me and to my family. As the year began we were full of optimism and hope having just secured a last mintute Bridge Fund loan of £250k to help our struggling business survive the trauma of the recession. Alas it was not meant to be and just a month later it was clear survival was no longer an option and consideration was given to how to handle this and how best to limit any damage. Even as administration was in place it was a strange feeling and in many ways I was numb - what I would do afterwards was almost irrelevant to me at the time. As CEO I had an incredible sense of duty and responsibility and as such my only focus was everyone else. As the dust settled and life went on I had to think about what I wanted and needed - I'm still learning what the answers to these are. And so here we are with just a few days left of the year and more importantly my attentions have turned to what opportunities are out there. In many ways 2009 (or certainly post admin) was putting in ground work, getting out into the world and seizing experiences and opportunities - and most importantly building my valuable network. I also took the time to understand what I was truly passionate about so that my future time would be spent  not only working hard but also enjoying every minute of it. 2010 will see a new company born "Jeeves Services (UK) Limited". Jeeves will provide a support service for SME's and households - we will be providing planned preventative maintenance, skilled and experienced tradespeople, repairs and solutions - from my dedicated team.
  • qualified electricians
  • plumbers
  • decorators
  • joinery
  • general & ground maintenance
  • air conditioning and handling
  • general industrial services
  • cleaning & household services 
We also continue to carry out retail interior design, shop fits, flooring and lighting along with all maintenance.  I'm very proud to say that Jeeves will be headed by Richard Villers, my loyal, trusted and long serving production assistant from Savekers - as well as many others we have worked with for many years, all who have been affected by the recession but always offer a true work ethic, flexibility, reliability and of course a valuable service. 2010 will be a successful and enjoyable year - we have no doubt! Our website www.jeevesservices.com is currently being worked on and should be up and available for the beginning of the year. If you'd like to know more in the meantime please email me or call 07812 99 27 26.