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26 May 2009

My New Venture

So this is the beginning of my new business- formally. After much deliberating and soul searching, the way forward for me has to be consulting. It's time to leap off the hamster wheel of life and be free to work with those I really want to work with. Life's too short. I've spent time with some wonderful people who have been brave, faced true pain and hardship and it is they that truly inspire. None of us know how long we have our lives and it's about making the most of every moment... I doubt they know how they have touched my soul, but I am so honoured to know each and every one of them.
I've spoken to a lady who lost her son tragically when, despite being an experienced climber, fell on Snowdon taking his life prematurely. Who would have known when he set out on that fateful day what would happen? I know a young family that had a third son only to have him suffer with an incurable brain tumour - every second of his life mattered. He left this earth aged 5. I could go on. I don't wish to dwell on such tragic stories but equally these losses tell us to cherish what we have - not possessions, I mean what we REALLY counts. Friends, family, health...these are the important things. Today I start on a journey forced upon me by recession. I couldn't be more grateful. I hope that I am lucky enough to enjoy life as it is intended, at least for today... who knows about tomorrow?