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Monthly theme: The one big picture

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03 January 2014

Monthly theme: The one big picture

Today sees the launch of our first monthly theme for 2014. As many of you will already know, each month we have a theme to discuss and develop support for our family business members. January is focusing on you having one big picture for the year - for you personally, for your family/home life and for your professional life. It’s vital to have a clear and focused big picture with an understanding of the details that create this image for you. The more focus and detail, the easier it is to explain to others and to eventually achieve. Any successful sportsperson will tell you that this is often the key to their success. With family businesses, it’s important to work together in building that one picture. Involve as many people as possible to help create it and share in the vision. Often the process of creating the picture together is more powerful than the actual picture. FIB often works with family businesses that are struggling to find, create and agree on their picture due to being stuck in the Land of Stuff - if this is the case with you, we'd be happy to discuss how we can assist. You may have a detailed business plan written with forecasts, objectives and KPIs - but creating a physical version of one big picture is extremely powerful. Look at it through out the year, review it and bring it to life - together.
  • What one big picture do you see for the year ahead?
  • Does everyone see the same picture?
If you'd like to receive information and tools each month based on the FIB themes, contact the team today to find out how easy it is to join. That leaves us to wish the whole of the FIB community a very happy and successful New Year - here's to you achieving your big picture!