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Letting go is a powerful thing

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01 July 2009

Letting go is a powerful thing

Have you ever bought a house and had to chase everyone on a constant basis? Have you had to call the solicitors and estate agents and felt that you may as well get paid to do their jobs?

And then just as everything seems stacked against you let go and surrender... and all of a sudden it all falls into place and you move? Sometimes the harder you fight and hang on to things the more you get frustrated and prevent things from happening.

Letting go can be so powerful. It might be a failed relationship or a dream job - but once you surrender and stop fighting it seems that things work out for the best.  The effort we put into fighting against the current is lost. If you just went with the tide you'd actually get further. I know what its like to hang on for dear life, I assure you but when you finally say 'enough' that's when you have real power.