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Getting it right - Hotel Chocolat

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01 July 2009

Getting it right - Hotel Chocolat

Several years ago someone said to me "always work with people you like". It seemed like a funny thing to say but I do now understand what they mean. In business we often have to deal with people we aren't so keen on - suppliers that won't meet delivery dates, customers who are never happy, co-workers who moan about working in the organisation or how much weight they've put on... it's all pretty draining.  

So, when I started Dani Saveker - Building on Strength, that was exactly what I wanted to do... build on strengths and choose who I work with. I decided to opt out of negativity and being drained and look towards getting it right (or as right as possible).  I aim to work with businesses and/or people that have strength and then help build on it whether that's through acquisition, internal development, branding, etc.  One organisation that has done this already and is reaping the benefits of it is Hotel Chocolat.

HC has been a company that I have admired and enjoyed for a number of years. I was first introduced to them when I received a box of their chocolates by post when they were still a mail order business. Their e-customer service and shop customer service is top rate. Today, they are an award winning 'Coolbrand' with numerous high street stores, their own plantation and an ever evolving product range. They take great pride in their ethics and creative offering such as the tasting club and proposed hotel. I went to visit their HQ a couple of weeks ago and their staff exudes positively and simply love their company.  The employees clearly buy into the brand and company so much so that they encourage them to create blogs about the company, have projects where they can present to the Board etc, are encouraged to gain diploma's in chocolate -  to me, that's getting it right!