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FiB awarded CPD certification

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18 December 2013

FiB awarded CPD certification

Families in Business (FiB) has been awarded CPD certification for its flagship introduction workshop. The CPD reviewed the content, learning value and structure of FiB’s ‘Introduction to working with families in business’ one-day workshop, and awarded certification as the course conforms to all CPD principles. “Professionals with an interest in supporting owner-managed and family businesses can develop their understanding of these unique enterprises whilst allocating the time to CPD,” comments Dani Saveker, CEO of FiB. The one-day workshop is automatically delivered to all FiB Exclusive Partners as part of their continual development, but is also available to other advisers and service providers where available.

It is aimed at providing teams with an introduction to working with families in business and their stakeholders, and will assist in supporting their service development, as Dani explains: “Professionals completing the workshop will leave with a deeper appreciation for the issues and key areas of importance to family businesses, as well as access to a range of FiB tools and resources to support their work. This renewed and improved awareness will enable delegates to develop their focus and strategy, and build long-term, profitable relationships with clients. “The day is lively and interactive and covers family business structures, relationship dynamics, and approaches for working with family businesses, including real life case study examples, together with an overview of the FiB Navigation framework and its range of tools. Delegates gain skills they can also use with internal teams and non-family business clients, whilst looking at their own succession planning, awareness, brand and culture development. “Not only is this a comprehensive workshop but also has CPD certification, which is an excellent added benefit,” she adds.

The workshop is delivered in-house and is ideal for between eight and 15 delegates. For more information, contact FIB, email: office@fibcommunity.com.