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Fear of social media for family businesses

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11 August 2013

Fear of social media for family businesses

We recently read a wonderful piece by Nigel Bromley of Key Parker who were trying to demystify social media by talking about the top 7 fears that exist when thinking about it. We thought we'd share it with you as it is very often something we hear family businesses talk about and how it terrifies then but can be a great and cost-effective way to engage with the world outside of your own business. Any of these sound familiar?

N0.1 Fear of Getting it wrong

Many larger organisations like to be in control. And the fear with social media is that you could get it wrong and face a terrible backlash from consumers. And a backlash would be bad for the brand and for the career, so it’s safer to avoid the danger. If you can’t see social media, it can’t see you!?!

N0.2 Fear of the frivolous (or the fear of not selling)

Some social media activities just provide useful content, help or information, or worse still, pointless games. I mean all of this costs money to do and there isn’t a sales message in sight – so it’s just a waste of time and money, right?!?

N0.3 Fear that you can’t stop

You see, a good old fashioned media campaign is planned and starts and stops. But social media, all that engagement with people once you start, you can’t stop, can you? And what happens if I run out of budget? And how do I handle that with my small overworked marketing department?

N0.4 Fear of uncertainty

Well the problem with social media is that it’s all so uncertain. All the so-called experts constantly disagree on everything: how to measure sentiment, whether followers are good or bad, what exactly engagement really means...and even Google doesn’t have all the answers!

N0.5 Fear of the board

Clearly all marketeers now fully understand Facebook and Twitter and conversation levels and sentiment and engagement and all that good stuff. But how exactly do you explain that to the very serious senior management who live by spreadsheets and only knows about Twitternonsensebollox because their kids use it too much.

N0.6 Fear of the wider business

Even if you are brave enough to get past all of this, you’ve still got to navigate the treacherous waters of your own company and it’s various departments, haven’t you? IT think they should be own it (obviously), so do customer services (naturally), sales want to dictate messages to be shouted at the customer (that’s the point, right?!) but at the same time they don’t want to share any information and they don’t want to pay for it either!

N0.7 Fear of your agencies

Now all agencies are experts, aren’t they?! PR say it is totally their bag, digital agencies claim it as their territory, but hang on, it is all just part of the CRM customer journey, isn’t it? Or is it part of the big brand idea, just an extension of the ad campaign or a vital part of the sales promotion you always run at this time of the year? OMG what a terrifying world it is. Fear is born out of something we don’t know enough about. No one has all of the answers instantly. If I could promise you that Social Media is fine that would help, wouldn’t it? If I could show you some very simple tools to help you understand your situation, and give you a simple step ladder to walk the business up, that would be great wouldn’t it? Then you’d have a plan. You’d be in control. And now it isn’t quite so scary, is it?!