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Family businesses find their way using FIB Navigation

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03 June 2013

Family businesses find their way using FIB Navigation

Building on the needs of the FIB community, FIB has developed a specialised offer to deliver a tailored package into family businesses.

Whether the needs are based around succession, skills development, strategic development, governance or any other business or family issue, the FIB Navigation framework has been designed to tackle things right at the heart. By working in a very precise and inclusive way, the FIB team are able to unlock businesses that are stuck and facilitate a process that enables them to overcome this and begin to move forwards. FIB provide a free of charge and confidential discussion to explore what the perceived issues are and what the objectives should be for a Navigation project. The process very often includes the introduction of FIB Exclusive Partners to assist in the 'how' once the 'what' has been agreed. A family business based in the South East recently used the FIB Navigation framework and commented: "The process has not only allowed us to think clearer and be happier but it has strengthened the relationship with family members outside of the business and helped give ownership of problems and solutions to us all, including the employees. FIB worked with us and created a non-blame culture and the burden of making decisions was lifted and yet we arrived at a set of outcomes that will be viewed positively by everyone. We're really looking forward now after being stuck for sometime"