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Creating my own path

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07 July 2009

Creating my own path

Why do I always have a clear vision and feel unable to accept anything less?

Why don't I ever fit the 'norm'?

From very early on in my childhood I recall not being one of the clique or 'cool gang' and actually quite enjoying it that way. Looking at examples through my life, I start with my name which is unusual ... infact it's made up and  I have yet to find anyone else with it (Danian). I attended ballet lessons from the age of 4 and continued through to about 16years old. Towards the end of this I remember always being at the front of the class and challenging the uniform - because I learnt to be the best, I found I could get away with the teacher accepting my personalisation of hair styles and clothing... no one else could get away with it. Was this cheeky? Was it being stubborn or arrogant? Was it using my relationship with the teacher?

Was it being outstanding and confident?

Probably all of the above! This simple example has repeated itself in various ways through out life and over the last few months I have been amazed at who is in my list of contacts and yet on the other hand I expect nothing less for myself. I have many contradictions in my life, I am insecure and yet full of self belief, I am shy and yet one of the most confident people you can come across. What drives me and people like me? I go head first into things with this belief and never fear the consequence -certainly not the consequence of failure. I say 'head first' but may be it's 'heart first'? I think belief may be one of the biggest factors - I believe I can and will achieve and so I do. I believe that I can raise the profile of key issues and so I do. I believe I have the right to be heard and I am. I'm told something is impossible and I will proove you wrong. I love not following the 'normal path' and take pride in building my own - it's never been smooth but at least it's interesting and I can choose to steer it around and cross over some wonderful other paths along the way. My grandfather wasn't a businessman but he had real belief. Belief, determination and vision, call it what you will - as Martin Luther-King said "I have a dream..."