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Create your ideal Board of Directors

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30 June 2009

Create your ideal Board of Directors

Whether you serve a Board as an employee or are a Director yourself, most of us encounter good and bad Board members. I'm still shocked at the ridiculous and petty behaviour of some Directors and in particular the complete incapability of some individuals in positions of responsibility. I recently read a very interesting suggestion about Boards. You can look at this personally or professionally but it's a surprising and important exercise...  

Take a piece of paper and draw a Board table. At the head of the table write your name. Now is the interesting bit - think carefully and then add your 'ideal' Board members. As mentioned you can do two, one for your personal life and one for your work life. You can include people that may have never actually met but that inspire you. You can include people that are oversees or deceased.

Put who you call on for advice, support, expertise etc. It might be that you put just a couple of names down or quite a few, it may include your partner or a family member - but it more than likely isn't a Board that exists in reality. If you're an MD or CEO, you might want to think about the implications of your choice of members compared to those you really have! If you've created a Board for yourself on a personal basis you might want to tell the people you've selected - it's quite a compliment and will strengthen the relationship between you. Whatever the Board you create, make an effort to see the people on it whether for coffee or more formally. Just because they aren't really on a Board doesn't mean they can't benefit you!  And as a final thought, who would select you for their Board and what can you add to it?