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Connections are what it\'s all about

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09 June 2009

Connections are what it's all about

Last week during week one of my launch (!), I had a number of meetings all with incredibly helpful business colleagues, including Clive Bawden at Catalyst Corporate Finance.  Each and everyone one of them was very supportive of my decision to join the world of consultation - most of them highlighting the terrible quality of coaches, mentors and consultants and the need to have something better - as well as agreeing with the issues raised about the need to improve the insolvency process. This week so far has included a visit to London to the Head of Family Business at Coutts Bank to discuss how insolvency can cause even more issues to family businesses and then onto another two meetings today including a solicitor at Berrymans and the Regional Director at Birmingham's IoD .

Everytime I have a meeting I end up with a new set of contacts to connect to and ever more encouragement. During my time as CEO at Savekers, never could I have imagined how vital these links would be - all of them built over a number of years. I have so many contacts and of such a high calibre and feel so lucky to call these people not just 'contacts' but my friends. Next week I have meetings which include a senior partner at Begbies Traynor in Birmingham, a new contact from the world of PR, high street retailer Hotel Chocolat, Midlands Business Insider and Andrew Mitchell MP. What a diverse range! More importantly they are all willing to give their time to listen and help. I have always believed that business was based on relationships and this is the proof. I'm certainly not alone in my journey - that really is what connections are all about!