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It’s never been easier to support your family and owner-managed business clients!

Families in Business Limited (FIB) is the only comprehensive organisation that provides membership, consultancy and resources for both family businesses and advisers working with them. FIB helps to challenge, evaluate and solve an assortment of strategic, operational and often very personal issues that are unique to family businesses.

We don’t just help advisers to engage with family businesses and their current/future leaders, we provide a link through a range of opportunities, tools and engagement so that they can benefit from your services and expertise. Using latest research and approaches we continually develop an effective framework for you to support clients.

Focusing on family businesses as a sector both develops your sales pipeline and bridge gaps between private and corporate clients. The opportunities for outstanding advisers when working with family businesses are vast and extremely rewarding.

The first step is to become part of the fast growing network by joining as a FIB Adviser. Depending on your objectives you can then work with FIB in three keys areas; FOCUS, RESOURCES, STRATEGY

Why become an Adviser?

  1. You probably want to increase your revenue stream and fees in a very competitive market – right?
  2. You’ll surely want to retain your existing clients and hope to develop new and potential clients – correct?
  3. 2 in ever 3 private businesses across the UK is family-owned so that’s probably quite a proportion of your clients – would you agree?

How membership helps you to achieve this:

  • The better your approach, service and advice – the better they will do, the more they will trust you and the more successful they become
  • By building trust through an improved approach, your ability to get to the heart of what matters as well as their sense of your authenticity
  • By uniting service lines and developing a firm wide approach/focus to prevent missing the opportunities and ability to offer inclusive support
  • By understanding the stories and issues at the heart of the business you can give far greater advice and insights
  • By building far stronger relationships with people because you’ll go through how our brain works at various levels and how to really listen
  • By having better insight into the dynamics of family businesses to help gain a deeper understanding of them
  • By being able to demonstrate to family businesses that you truly have their best interest at heart and can help them to move forward in a way that’s best for them (even if not always the most ‘logical’ option)
  • By having an open mind and being able to facilitate better solutions for everyone – rather than trying to give a quick fix solution
  • By having a rounded appreciation for all stakeholders and how decisions and issues aren’t always straight forward
  • By appreciating the dilemmas they face between business and family
  • By knowing how and when to share stories with them to help them stop feeling isolated and alone
  • Being able to help clients have difficult conversations and cope with challenging situations
  • By offering them a community of support and understanding through you as their adviser (your clients join FIB)
  • By knowing when you’re really out of your comfort zone and bring FIB in to work in parallel as part of your team to benefit your client
  • By being part of a wider network than all understand the approach with family businesses
  • By having specific tools to help open your client’s minds
  • By having skills and a framework to bring the best value possible to clients in a way that’s inclusive and non threatening
  • By having on going development as a peer group and the support of FIB to benefit your clients

    What advisers say about being part of FIB...

Peer Group Meetings

"Great meeting and thanks for bringing out some really useful topics that will inevitably help our legal firm to win more work and also become better advisors to family owned and managed business"

"Excellent Families In Business Birmingham Adviser Peer Group Meeting today. Thanks to Dani Saveker for facilitating superbly. Some great input from all advisers and sharing of some new ideas and methods to support growing family businesses."

"Really enjoyed the interactive sessions, particualry the issue processing"

"The tools and exercises are so valuable - I've come away with a list of actions to take back to my firm"

Approved Adviser Workshops:

"I attend many seminars/workshops and very few are as engaging and relevant"

"Really enjoyed the session!"

Join as an Adviser!