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Help your clients unlock the opportunities for themselves, relationships and business.

Families in Business Limited (FIB) is the only comprehensive organisation that provides membership, consultancy and resources for both family businesses and advisers working with them. FIB helps to challenge, evaluate and solve an assortment of strategic, operational and often very personal issues that are unique to family businesses.

We don’t just help our partners to engage with family businesses and their current/future leaders, we provide a link through a range of opportunities, tools and engagement so that they can benefit from your services and expertise. Using latest research and approaches we continually develop an effective framework (GLAS) for you to support clients.

Focusing on family businesses as a sector both develops your sales pipeline and bridge gaps between private and corporate clients. The opportunities for outstanding advisers when working with family businesses are vast and extremely rewarding.


Why become a Partner?

  1. You probably want to increase your revenue stream and fees in a very competitive market – right?
  2. You’ll surely want to retain your existing clients and hope to develop new and potential clients – correct?
  3. 2 in ever 3 private businesses across the UK is family-owned so that’s probably quite a proportion of your clients – would you agree?