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Media room

Media room

The Families in Business (FiB) Media Room provides an overview of the organisation and its CEO Dani Saveker. We can provide insightful, topical and informed information, data and comment on the UK's family business sector. For further information or to discuss your enquiry, please contact Diane Wood.

Overview of FIB

FiB is an organisation focused on providing help and support to family businesses. Family businesses account for two in every three UK private enterprises and employ over 9 million people in the UK.

Created by its CEO Dani Saveker, FiB provides a community that delivers membership, events, tools, workshops and a growing network of business advisers, professionals and suppliers that echo FIB’s ethos - to deliver a relevant and informed go-to support network for family businesses, including SMEs.

Dani founded FiB in 2012 to ensure support, resources, tools and a neutral community exists for family businesses. She was formerly the fourth generation and CEO in her own family’s manufacturing business for seven years, so has first hand experience of the complexities of family businesses. This underpins the structure and approach of FiB, which strives to address the often lack of understanding amongst professional advisers of the idiosyncrasies and unique challenges of a family business.

The FiB portfolio of services includes a suite of tools to guide and assist family businesses identify their vision and reach the right decisions for the organisation. Additionally it has a programme of training and development for professional advisers to support them in better engaging with their family business clients, and offers a unique framework and approach to working with family businesses called FIB Navigation that is utilized by its team of Regional Directors and Exclusive Partners.

Whilst CEO of her family business, Dani spearheaded a major management and shareholder restructure, led the business and its 100-plus employees through a recovery plan following a devastating fire, learnt to weld, electroplate and polish, carried out an MBO, acquired businesses and managed multiple sites. She has been recognised in a number of Midlands and national Award schemes. In 2009, the dire economic conditions placed Dani in the desperate position of having to close the doors on the 106 year old family business for the last time. She created FIB to put these experiences to good use and make a difference for family businesses by working closely with them and the vital network of advisers and professionals around them.

Families in Business is an approved Growth Accelerator Training Provider.

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  • FiB Founder and CEO: Dani Saveker (head and shoulders colour)
  • FiB Founder and CEO: Dani Saveker (head and shoulders B&W)
  • FiB Team: Alan Cook (Non Exec Director), Dani Saveker (CEO and founder) and Peter Doggett (Local Head South West)
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Latest FIB Research: Summary

For more information/copy of the research, contact Diane Wood e: diane@diane-wood.co.uk

FiB Community Profiles:

Local Heads of Delivery

  • East Midlands: Bruce Garland
  • South West: Peter Doggett
  • West Midlands: Fiona White
  • North West: Hamish Hamilton


  • North West: James Timpson
  • South West: Trevor Herbert
  • Birmingham: Kirsty Davies-Chinnock (Professional Polishing Services)
  • Staffordshire: Jon Hardwick (Grafton International)
  • Shropshire: Josie Morris (Wool Cool)
  • Black Country: Patrick Laight (Aspray 24)


  • Adam Harris 
  • Paul Knee
  • Jo Haigh (FD Corporate Services)
  • Alistair Wesson (Mazars)
  • Craig Manson (Mazars)

 FiB’s CEO and Founder, Dani Saveker is available for interview - for all media enquiries, additional information, comments or images - contact Diane Wood, 07887 794507, e: diane@diane-wood.co.uk

About Dani: Dani was CEO in her family’s manufacturing business for seven years during which time she restructured, won awards, was an ambassador for manufacturing and women in business, made family members redundant, recovered from a major fire which wiped out production, learnt to weld, electroplate and polish, carried out an MBO, acquired businesses and managed multiple sites. In 2009 she was in the impossible position of closing the doors to the 106 year old business for the last time due to the dire economic conditions.

Armed with first hand experience of the complexities of family businesses, she was determined to create an enterprise supporting families in business and those working as advisers to them. Dani brought a community based concept to life as Families in Business to ensure support, resources, tools and a neutral community exists for family businesses.

Dani is an experienced media interviewee and can speak on a diverse range of issues relevant to family businesses, for example:

  • The key challenges and barriers of management in a family business
  • Statistics of UK family businesses
  • The challenges associated with transitioning and management in family businesses
  • The challenge of non family executives
  • The difference between ownership and management
  • Governance issues within family businesses
  • The psychological aspects of management in a family business
  • Women in management positions
  • Founding generation considerations
  • Fear in family businesses
  • The issues of today caused by yesterday’s solutions
  • The practical issues of running, managing and owning a family business.

Dani was one of Insider’s ’42 Under 42” in 2006 as well as a former finalist in the Midlands Businesswoman of the Year, E&Y Young Entrepreneur of the Year, IOD Young Director of the Year (2004 and 2007), IoD Emerging Leader of the Year (2008), and a finalist in the Inspirational Woman of the Year (2014) category of the inaugural NatWest Venus Awards Birmingham.

In addition, Dani is an experienced, informed presenter and facilitator at conferences, seminars, panel debates, and Round Table discussions , and can speak with passion and insight about the topics, issues, challenges, the highs and the lows, for family businesses. To discuss your event or idea, contact: Diane Wood, 07887 794507, e: diane@diane-wood.co.uk