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Dani Saveker developed GLAS (the Global Life Alignment System) to help and support family businesses.

These businesses were typically facing often emotional challenges that held back decisions and the business moving forwards.Not only do these business need to overcome relationship issues but also the day to day business requirements, how this looks in a changing world and how it all connects.


GLAS was an ideal framework to help these family businesses however, it also became apparent that by understanding the range of  complexities being dealt with in and out of the business, the tools and approaches could be used in a range of other situations too.

What was missing was a way to look at every aspect of life - without needing to pop on a pair of sandals and sing Cumbayá. GLAS is built to enable commercial progress for you while considering all areas of impact including your relationships and team, family, business, opportunities, the world around you, how you fit into all of this and a sense of purpose. All of this together needs to align.

GLAS is now available to help family businesses, organisations (of any type including third sector), professional firms, educational institutions (including teachers and children) and individuals.

The framework consists of:

5 Principal Elements
By understanding these critical elements and how they interconnect, the first step to unlocking postential starts

5 Connecting Elements
The next set of 5 elements run through the Principal Elements and helps tie them together giving strength and alignment

3 Guiding Elements
There are 3 specific elements that need to be considered when creating your personal GLAS Map.

We deliver the GLAS framework in three main ways, each taking you deeper into the components: 

1. Programmes

The most accessible level of engagement with GLAS. We start with an introductory session delivered as a one day workshop with approximately 20-40 people. This can lead to enrolling in our 5 day programme - a deeper and more focused experience of GLAS. The 5 days are spread over a 12 month period with several optional dates.

Programmes can also be used in house with teams - as taster or full programmes.

2. Peer Groups

Joining a peer group allows you to work ina  more intimate way and build your own map, experience the tools and techniques and understand how to apply these across all aspects of life. A peer group meeting is for half a day every other month and supported with additional two half a days of one to one support each year.

3. Projects

Bespoke solutions for teams, families and individuals - including challenges around succession, strategy, career development and pretty much anything you can think of.

There are a range of stages which all an increasing depth of involvement and application.

The 5 Stages

Pre stage: DISCOVERY - consider life (or any of it's components) through a new lens

Stage 1: AWARENESS - look at your life (or any of it's components) through a new lens

Stage 2: PLAN - begin to build your life (or any of it's components) through a new lens

Stage 3: ACTION - now you can begin to live your life (or any of it's components) through a new lens

Stage 4: DEVELOP - this stage enables you to take onwership of your life (or any of it's components)

Stage 5: LEVERAGE - taking all you've gathered and become a master of your life (or any of it's components)