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FIB explained

FIB explained

We've lived and worked in family businesses for over 100 years. Our neutrality and first hand experience helps us to give families working in business absolute clarity so that they can gain control of their lives, their family and their business

For Family Enterprises

Families in Business Ltd is a private enterprise created with the specific purpose of being there for those in and around family and owner managed enterprises. We have the benefit of being neutral and everything we do is to help you move forwards. 

We sit in between professional advisers and family enterprises but, for us, the individuals within family and business are firmly at the heart and our reason to exist.

We help align relationships, individuals and family so that you can progress.

Our background is exactly that.... we come from family enterprises and so don't just understand the complexities that can be part of family business life, we know what it feels like.

Our belief is that a go to place that feels safe and doesn't require explanation from you is essential to make confident decisions.

We bring over 114 years first-hand experience, many successes, a number of failures,  painful lows and great highs to be able to help you, your family and, of course, your business.

No one can ever know your business as well as you do - but we can help you when you find yourself feeling stuck. That can be due to succession challenges, family dynamics, a feeling of isolation, market changes and much more.

We deliver this through  GLAS - unique IP to unlock potential and a way to look at things differently

We also work along side professional advisers, service providers and intermediaries who have a focus, interest and understand the challenges faced by family businesses. These advisers provide their expertise, networks and ability to implement the requirements of family businesses.


Our Approach

With many many years of experience both in and around family businesses we are able to completely immerse ourselves in the issues that impact families working together. We appreciate the frustrations, lows and highs and this remains our reason and focus for FIB to exist. Added to this we work with experts from around the world to continually develop and evolve our approach.

We deal with business needs, needs of the individuals, ownership needs, the collective needs and the need of the family. We do this with a non-blaming approach built around inclusiveness and confidentiality.

We don’t give answers, we help you to find the answer, own it and make it work while reducing the burden of responsibility and ensuring clarity. You will consider options and turn them into actions. This is very often by working in partnership with FIB advisers

We look at best practice and new research into business and personal well-being as well as behavioural psychology. We naturally focus on key areas around transitioning, succession, governance, protection, relationship dynamics, dispute resolution, with much of the frame work underpinning our approach being based on mental modelling and system thinking. This is delivered through membership (standard and premium) and also through FIB consultancy services.

Through GLAS, we incorporate the approaches of Peter Senge, Peter Leach, Sir Adrian Cadbury, Kurt Lewin, Simon Sinek, John Timpson, Cyril Hughes, Dr. Leon Danco, Seth Godin, David Sibbet, David Meister, Dr Steve Peters, Marcus Child, Jack Daly, Marty Neumeier, Alexander Osterwalder, Clayton Christensen, Brene Brown, Sir Ken Robinson, William Glasser, Jonah Berger, Scott Sonenshein, Monica Worline, Michael Hyatt, Peter Guber, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Ruth McClendon, Adam Grant, Tim Leberecht, to name just a few.

FIB is an official licence holder of  Global Life Alignment System (GLAS) created by Dani Saveker over 20 years and this forms the foundation of our approach and work. 

“Everyday is an opportunity to learn and grow. We learn from others, we learn from failure, we learn from listening and we learn from doing but most importantly we learn”


All FIB materials are from sustainable sources. All FIB materials are at least 70% recycled.