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GLAS for family businesses

GLAS for family businesses

The 5 elements that will unlock your future...

Having been fourth generation (officially fifth) in her family’s manufacturing business Dani Saveker discovered many things the hard way - from how to be accepted by an established workforce through to how to close the business, started by her great grandfather 106 years previously, well.

She certainly found that her experiences and those of my family were not unique once she started working with other family enterprises. Having studied hard to help find the key to unlocking the secrets of family eneterpises she  found outdated research and an unwillingness / capability for advisors to get deep into the dynamics and challenges.

She realised that family enterprises could teach us about every aspect of life - about ourselves, relationships, business and the wider world.

Dani refocused and pulled together over 20 years of research, personal and family experience as well as unpicking the stories of all those individuals, families and businesses she’d worked with. The result was the realization that  something more was needed. This was the start of Global Life Alignment System (GLAS)

She offers talks on the subject and importance of GLAS as well as workshops using specialist tools covering the 5 key elements. To learn how the GLAS can help unlock your business, relatonships and life, drop us a line and arrange to speak to Dani yourself. 

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If you're a coach or advisory firm looking to undrerstand how this can support your clients, we would be delighted to discuss how you can go through training and apply for a license to use GLAS