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Family Businesses

Family Businesses

Supporting Family and Owner Managed Businesses with their every day challenges

Families in Business (FIB) was founded by Dani Saveker as someone from a 4th generation family business wanting to grow and develop it but constantly frustrated with the lack of shared vision and communication within her family and business – and by the advisers she encountered.

Our purpose is to help family businesses be successful, to access help when needed and have far better equipped advisers on hand.

From our membership through to highly specialized consultancy we want to help. We have built a trusted network that sits along side us to help you implement better tax planning, legal structures, wealth planning and much more.

FIB helps to challenge, evaluate and solve an assortment of strategic, operational and often very personal issues that are unique to family businesses. Family businesses form the backbone of the world’s economy.

Knowing you aren't alone is the first, and often most important, thing when you're part of your family business and that’s why we are here. From membership to specialised consultancy and from peer groups to diagnostics, we support family and owner managed businesses with your every day challenges.