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Family business consultancy

Family business consultancy

 Consultancy and specialised intervention for family businesses

We feel priviledged to work with family enterises - because we know first hand what it's like to have successes and grow a business, what it's like to be part of that business and family and also what it's like when the business faces challenges and is no longer there. These experiences help us to help you.

Tailored packages providing internal support and assistance for family and owner-managed businesses and those in and around them.  

We do this through GLAS which is an open and collaborative system to enable those that feel stuck in any or all aspects of life to progress - a common issue found in family businesses.


By working through GLAS you can discover, live and master a balanced life with clear identity,  strong relationships, fulfilled career and sense of purpose in a changing and uncertain world - whether facing succession or relationship issues, career decisions or just feeling alone and stuck.

"FIB can also get to the absolute root cause of problems within family businesses and facilitate workable solutions to the benefit of all"

How does it work?

GLAS Projects

The FIB framework is project based support with a beginning, middle and end. It uses GLAS as a system to underpin the work undertaken.  Read more about GLAS 

It many ways it may be classed as ‘consultancy’ however it is extremely unique and specific around the issues associated with families working in business together,  owning a business and considering the current purpose and future needs and wishes. The FIB team all have first hand experience of being part of family businesses and the FIB approach -  which is to help those involved find the answer that already exists. We do not impose ‘the answer’ on you, we facilitate the process so that businesses and stakeholders can be included in a highly confidential process and build their own vision with confidence. 

This allows family businesses, and those in and around them, to gain a clear understanding of the one big picture, individual wants and needs and build a shared focus. The more people that can be involved in the process, the clearer the outcome and more effective the project. This allows the creations of a strategic plan to implement - this may involve using existing advisers or using the FIB network and community to provide project based advisers to assist. It can be as successful with one director/shareholder and associated stakeholders as well as a larger and more complex board and owners. 

We work with ‘emotional stakeholders’, as well as formal stakeholders.


What's involved?

Each project is unique and designed around your specific needs and situation. The following lays out a very basic example of how a GLAS family business project can take place. We can develop very bespoke packages to meet your requirements and timescales.

Initial diagnosis

We can spend a day with you and your team / family to establish where your gaps and prioritories lie. From this, a plan can be created.

Objective setting and scoping - the away day

The next step is a mini project in itself - this is to define and agree your objectives starting with a blank page. Typically this can be done as an away day or 2 x half days to create and agree the initial objectives and required outcomes for the core team or family members. This is a highly recommended and important first stage as it sets the project in motion and helps to focus on the real issues to be tackled. This also allows a full and detailed proposal (scoping report) and project cost to be set.

This session can help to identify the true issues to be tackled and who will be involved in the following stages - and, of course, allow a detailed and accurate project cost to be agreed along with your chosen timescale.

Sometimes this session can be used as a quarterly health check to determine how everyone sees key issues and priorities. If you'd prefer we can run this in the workplace, home or better still in a neutral setting. We do suggest that your professional advisers are not involved in this session, although they can be brought in further along the project timeline.


From this point we can work with you on creating a plan. We can start in a number of ways - based on phases:

Dynamics Phase - aligning relationships and individuals (accptance and harmony)

Business Phase - aligning the business (confident and energise)

Growth Phases - fast tracking growth to achieve desired outcomes (connected, proud and free)

These phases can happen in parallel, succession or as one focus. They are all connected and together build alignment and release emotions so that progress, clarity and choices are possible. Almost all issues and distractions relate back to the dynamics being out of alignment.

Introduction sessions

One or several short introduction sessions present the objectives, which you have agreed, and process to all those participating (can be family, non-family and those in and not in the business). It also gives the opportunity for questions and concerns to be addressed and ensure everyone feels at ease. The introduction also reassures those taking part of the highly confidential nature, that no one will be judged or assessed, nothing will be held aginst them and so on.

Discovery sessions

This is the real start of the process. One to one sessions take place based on an agreed schedule which are highly confidential. These fit round the family and business needs and can often be held at home, in the business or somewhere neutral such as hotels, coffee shops etc.

Each session is scheduled and lasts between 1-2 hours initially. They are completely informal and participants are put at ease. No preparation is needed and sessions are not recorded.

Occasionally key people have further Discovery sessions for clarification. These sessions can often be the first time participants admit or share their thoughts, fears and wishes. The result being a sense of feeling heard and valued in the process.

Gathering process

The FIB team take all the data from Discovery sessions and create the feedback material. This is in a unique and rounded way - and most importantly it removes any identification from the Discovery sessions. GLAS considers all views and combines them see the whole picture without fear of blame or judgement.

Feedback sessions 

Feedback is provided to pre agreed groups - perhaps a family groups, board of directors, business teams, etc. Depending on who is involved in the project we work with you to make sure this is a positive and constructive process which provides a foundation for the vital startegy sessions and agreed actions plans that follow.

Strategy and action session/s

The work done within the GLAS process leads to you creating your strategy. We facilitate one or several sessions to begin detailing the actions and next steps.

As part of the project, FIB can create a full report which helps you to have clear and concise discussion with advisers and stakeholders.

You will now be able to consider a bigger picture for you and your business and begin to work with your chosen advisers/providers. These sessions can involve key FIB Partners who specialise in particular areas appropriate to your sitauation and objectives - for example, tax planning advice, legal frameworks and so on. 

Preparing your FIB GLAS 'pack' 

It may be useful for you to have a documented pack available for you, stakeholders and your current professional advisers. Having something that details everything, in a concise manner, can be vital when considering next steps and strategies. The process involved in us being able to create this for you (in other words all GLAS project phases previously mentioned) is the most important part but a document is great to show to new advisers. In should always be a work in progress but is a blue print which gives confidence to everyone.

How long does a project take?

The process can be run over a timescale to suit the business and those involved. A full timescale and project rate is agreed in advance. Invoices are raised at the end of each completed month for work completed in that time.  Mileage and accommodation - if applicable - is additional.

Basic projects run over approximately 4-15 days in total and a number of  months.  Length or time, and package rate, is based on the number of people involved and time taken as well as some of the options you may wish to include.   The more stakeholders involved in the process the better the engagement. 

It is also possible to provide individuals with a 'check-in' style of coaching and support based on a monthly session to work through their own needs.


Shift the burden of responsibility
Inclusive working allows the Board and family, in and out of the business, to share the vision and process. You can gain a far greater buy-in once you have involved people

Strengthened relationships
GLAS allows all stakeholders to participate and relationships to be developed and strengthened - personal and business relationships. GLAS allows people a sense of inclusion and input, both as family members and also employees. This gives you the best chance to strengthen and build all relationships and gain buy in of the decisions and actions you choose. Investing in people by giving them a say is extremely powerful and rewarding. 

Gain focus and clarity
The process allows individuals time to focus and an ability to discuss confidential matters that impact them personally and at work.

Progress the business 
By working in the GLAS space,  including emotions having a voice -  it allows a sense of freedom and clarity to form so that the business can be developed without interference. People state that they can finally run the business effectively as soon as GLAS projects commence rather than being overwhelmed by what’s in their heads and to do lists. Working with an appreciation for business, family and individual skills and strengths helps to build a defined destination and begin building a map and process to achieve this.

It's in your control
You have the answers already but won’t be able to find them. The process allows you to explore issues and consider with the subconscious so that you can see what is actually obvious. By spending time outside of the norm gives you a higher vision point to seize opportunities. FIB never tell you what to do, we allow you to find it yourselves, own it and act on it. 

By having a clear picture and strategy to support it you can take control and have the confidence. 

Fun and trust
The process shows you how to re-engage and have fun collectively. Empowering people and using their opinions strengthens culture and trust in the organisation and within the family.

Physical and emotional wellbeing
We very often are the first and only people to be told some of our client’s confidential information. This is very often a relief – and allows them to feel they are valued and that what’s been on their mind’s for years is ok without fear of judgment or a break in confidentiality

No right or wrong
We have no investment in the outcome of your project and so there can not be any right or wrong. What’s key is that you feel you can move forward with clarity and confidence

Develop asset value
By completing the GLAS process you can demonstrate succession planning and future proof your business and asset value. GLAS projects are also ideal when you're looking to go through key transition and change - from investment to keadership development.

Sense of relief & peace of mind
Putting your house in order through GLAS allows you a sense of relief and freedom in knowing you have protected what you’ve worked hard to build and for your family and future. Many GLAS clients have spent a number of years trying to deal with the issues alone and only increasing their frustration and tensions. This ultimately will have been impacting the business performance and key members of the team and family.

Sieze opportunities
Very often the GLAS process allows people to work outside of the contraints of the day to day business and family issues and identify new opportunities. By considering ‘what if’ previously subconscious ideas and concepts come to the forefront

Capture the culture, values & legacy
GLAS is often used for succession and transition planning as well as to future proof the business. This presents an ideal opportunity to capture the essence of the business right from the heart, acknowledge the successes and values from the family’s perspective and map out the founding legacy to take forward. It also gives next generation leaders ownership of the next stages and engages all employees.

Get the most from professional advisers
By spending time going through GLAS phases you will be able to have clarity to work far more effectively with professional advisers. You will be armed with your aims and objectives, have answers ready for them and be able to help them to help you!

What clients say

"The Families in Business consultancy approach (GLAS for family businesses) is a truly holistic exercise that would benefit every family business, large and small, across the UK. As a minimum requirement FIB provides companies with a ‘health check’ to establish where the business is currently positioned within the marketplace and gives employers a good understanding of their pool of talent. However FIB can also get to the absolute root cause of problems within family businesses and facilitate workable solutions to the benefit of all.

For our business, FIB has been a lifeline. By facilitating a fun and unorthodox strategic review of the company, FIB has empowered us to make the right business decisions that will be to the benefit of all involved in our company. Moreover, having felt completely stuck in our decision-making, we now believe we are creating exciting future business development opportunities. By working with all members of our business and extended family, FIB has unlocked a new pool of knowledge and expertise close to the business, but hitherto unexplored, and enabled us to plan for the future of the company with great optimism and confidence.

The FIB team are friendly, empathetic and make it a really enjoyable experience. They provide a confidential forum for airing concerns, worries, hopes and dreams. It is an inclusive experience meaning that everyone feels and is part of the journey. This also means that, whilst there will always be key decision-makers, everyone should be able to see the rationale and process behind such choices."