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Expert forums

Expert forums

What's an Expert Forum?

Expert forum's are practical and vital sessions run for family businesses, delivered by FIB Advisers and facilitated by FIB.

Overview and format

FIB Advisers sponsor, host and deliver a workshop session to family businesses in house on key topics. These sessions are part of the FIB Insight membership package where individuals from family businesses will meet to hear you present an interactive session on key topics. FIB and FIB Advisers invite additional guests who have an interest in the topic being covered.

FIB facilitate the session and ideally sessions run between  10.00am and 12.30pm with a light informal lunch provided by the Advisers for a more relaxed and open discussion. Family businesses are able to bring additional interested members of their teams to sessions where applicable - both family and non family.

The format is informal, relaxed and run as a round table with between 5-12 guests.

Who is it suitable for?

Each Forum may appeal to different family business stakeholders depending on the subject/s covered.

Advisers wishing to get up close and personal with members of family businesses and be able to provide them with specific assistance and advice. Sessions can be run between several advisers - from the same firm or two firms - on subjects such as Shareholders Agreements, Exit Planning, Social Media, Presentation Skills etc. We recommend that several members of the Adviser firm are involved to help cover adhoc questions and issues.


Value and impact 
Within 2 to 2.5 hours guests can access essential information to implement that's relevant. Adviser do not sell at you or lecture you - a refreshing change! 

Support and understanding
The peer group/round table format is incredibly supportive and understanding. Knowing you're not alone and can share with others facing the same issues and challenges is encouraging and reassuring.

On the spot answers
You can access experts and get answers that matter to you without judgement - there are no silly questions

By working in a peer group you can often identify with others facing the same or similar issues and be inspired by their action. Very often people leave the session with an action list they'd never considered before.

Practical help
Expert forums are designed to ensure you receive sensible and easy to action advice - no legalise speak, just practical help

Test drive the advisers
The sessions allow you to see if you'd like to build a relationship and engage further with advisers without any expectation whether on the topic being covered or for other requirements. Watch them in action and see if you're comfortable - try before you buy!