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Approved Advisers

Approved Advisers

All FIB advisers now go through our 'Working with family enterpieses" workshop.

The initial workshop is the "Introduction to working with family and owner managed businesses" - the following years have a range of topics to choose from including 'Building your approach with clients", "Introduction to family business consultancy", "Supporting governanace and succession in family businesses" and many more. 

Workshops can be tailored and run as general workshops for your teams as a series of development sessions and/or shorter taster sessions.

These workshops are also delivered, with a slightly different feel, directly to family enterpises to help raise awareness and strategies to better grow and develop as individuals, families and as a business.

A one day workshop aimed at providing teams with an introduction and foundation to working with families in business and their stakeholders. The day covers family business structures, relationship dynamics, approaches for working with family businesses including the use of case studies. It looks at psycology, behaviour, challenges, barriers and opportunities as well as focusing on techniques for you to use.

It also includes an overview of the FIB Navigation framework (our consultancy process) and the range of FIB tools. The workshop is CPD accredited and required as part of the Approved Adviser status for FIB members.

Who is it suitable for?
This workshop is aimed at professional advisers, intermediaries and service providers with an interest in supporting owner-managed and family businesses. The workshop is designed to assist in developing your current offer to maximise opportunities and compliment services and skills for current and potential clients. All FIB advisers must complete a CPD workshop every 12 months. 

We find that accountants and solicitors can particularly benefit from this higher level of membership but the day is suitable for anyone interested in family businesses and how to work with them.

The workshop can be adapted for family owned businesses and their stakeholders "Introduction to living and working with a family business."

What will it include?
Delegates will have a deeper appreciation for the issues and key areas of importance to family businesses as well as access to a range of tools and resources to support their work. The improved awareness around family businesses and those associated with them will allow delegates to develop their focus and strategy - and build long term, profitable relationships with clients. 

The additional benefits of the workshop include gaining skills and approaches for use within internal teams and non-family business clients as well as looking at their own succession planning,  awareness, brand and culture development, uniting service lines and improving communication and listening. 

A key take away from the day is your own 5 stage action plan which forms the basis for your  strategy to support the work with family and owner-managed businesses. We will cover how the relationship between FIB and your firm will work for you and your clients.

The day will enable delegates to create a family business focus and strategy as well as having a valuable service proposition as a FIB Adviser.


Key points:

♥ The workshop is delivered in-house and recommended for 6 - 12 delegates. 

♥ The workshop provides 6 hours of CPD content 

♥ We strongly recommend your head of marketing/PR and/or head of business development is involved within this workshop as well as representatives of various service lines.

♥  Your specific client cases can be incorporated as examples and discussed.

♥  Course materials included. 

♥  Further workshops can be provided for you to deepen your understanding, focus and approach around key areas of interest (e.g succession, governance, dynamics etc)

♥ Following on from the main "Introduction.." session, FIB delivers supplement sessions and workshops for succession, governance and stewardship, decison making, future leaders and their development etc

♥ Shorter versions and programmes can all be designed to suit advisers needs with workshops  built and developed for specific team requirements, budgets, strategies and timescales.