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Close Bros Asset Management

Close Bros Asset Management

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Discipline wealth

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Clients value advice that helps them reach their goals. At Close Brothers, our financial planning service for families in business has been developed to help our clients identify, review and attain their goals. Planning for succession, extracting value to enable the current generation to retire in comfort and leaving a well-capitalised business for the future are areas we focus on with family businesses. Working with the family, and their other trusted advisers, our financial plans routinely look ahead for three generations to develop a strategy and the skills to enable a smooth succession.

Our client-centred approach identifies the most important priorities for each family. Words like comfort, lifestyle, security, wealth, stability and retirement feature regularly in our conversations. So in our ongoing review meetings, we check that these key events are on track as a regular part of our clients’ satisfaction.

Committed to what we do.

We are passionate about what we do and like to work with people who are passionate about what they do. We recognise that family businesses tend to have more passion & focus than conventional businesses.

Committed to planning.

There is nothing better than a plan that has worked out. But circumstances changes & plans with them so flexibility & agility are essential.


Comes with transparency, shared values & common goals. Discipline. Achieving multiple objectives over a long period requires discipline Teamwork.

Richard Watkins
Certified Financial Planner