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Adviser peer groups

Adviser peer groups

We understand that family businesses like to access local advisers to help provide support, understanding and essential services. Many of the requirements of family-owned businesses also benefit from advisers working cohesively with them at the heart.

FIB has established a series of non-competing adviser peer groups across the UK so that they can find the best ways of delivering local support, improve their approach, develop their strategy for family businesses and benefit from trusted referrals.


Join an Adviser Peer Group and be part of a non competing group that meets twice each year to discuss challenges, evaluate opportunities and solve an assortment of strategic, operational  issues unique to working with family businesses. Sessions are facilitated by trained and highly experienced FIB team members who will challenge, help stimulate thinking and guide discussions. With a full appreciation for the challenges that family businesses face, they are on hand to support advisers wishing to develop their approach and opportunities with family businesses.

By working and developing relationships with other advisers within the peer group, advisers can increase their chances of referrals and opportunities.

The group session will also include using FIB tools so that you can understand the opportunities these present to you along with the Monthly Themes. 

Each session is split into 3 main focuses - you as an individual, your organisation and how the two fit in terms of actions and strategy to develop and strengthen your relationship with clients, prospects and other advisers.

Who is it suitable for?

This option is ideal for advisers wanting to work locally with other advisers and to develop their approach. Each adviser firm can bring 2 members to a peer group session.  Sessions are suitable for business development representatives as well as senior delivery team members e.g the  head of corporate services.


- Session held in rotation at advisers premises
- Facilitated by FIB’s trained representative
- Use of FIB tools and approaches
- Develop skills and relationships
- Work on challenges that your clients face
- Educate your peers in terms of your services
- Highly confidential Chatham House Rules
- Sessions run for half a day


- Improve approaches with clients 
- Develop the relationship with other advisers & peers 
- Forum to offload any issues and receive support and challenge
- Gain focus and be held accountable
- Improve chances of securing opportunities 
- Step out of your business and organisation to gain better insight
- Share best practice as part of a UK side network
- Demonstrate your commitment to the family business sector
- Have a neutral sounding board for you, your business & role
- Bring new thinking and ideas into your firm
- Influence the local FIB approach 
- Learn how to use the FIB tools and approach in more detail
- Develop your own skills and thinking
- Influence the development of FIB locally  
- Local press and media coverage and interest will raise your profile