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FIB champions

FIB champions

Family Business Champions are high profile family business leaders who generously help us to raise the profile of the family business sector and the FIB community as a 'go to place'.

What is a FIB champion?

We share our passion and support for the family business sector with our  Family Business Champions. They are successful leaders of family businesses that represent their region and help FIB by being leading lights, demonstrating best practice, sharing their often personal stories of how they’ve overcome adversity and issues within their families and businesses, are advocates and supporters.

Our Champions are part of the FIB team, and you can read their individual profiles in Our Team. They often speak at FIB events or contribute to articles and research – as well as helping shape and develop our approach as an inclusive community of support. They have been awarded the position of Champion by being nominated by the FIB community. They are part of a growing list of outstanding businessmen and women.

FIB Champions are lifetime members. They provide insight and allow their personal stories to help and support those wishing to better understand and appreciate family business dynamics.